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Blessing way for Elena of Terrace Women’s Resource Centre

Hello all,

 I wanted to share a quick and sweet story with you about how fortunate we are to have Louisa Gray with us.

 When I hosted the Blessing way for Elena of Terrace Women’s Resource Centre last Friday, not many knew what to expect. Louisa lit up the sage, juniper and cedar blend (that I’d harvested in the Caribou/Chilcotin) in the abalone shell (gifted to me by ACYMH) and thirteen women received her blessing.

I feel that Louisa honored Kermode Friendship Society. In the attached photo, Louisa is shown practicing the smudge on Elena -the expecting mother. With her well-chosen words, her gentle handling of the eagle feather (also gifted to me by ACYMH), and her acceptance and participation  of a tradition she had not yet heard of, Louisa is truly a gift.

Elena was also given flowers, beads, blessings, tears, hugs, warmth and a promise that she has a community support her transition into motherhood. Each of us tied a red piece of hemp around our wrist to represent the life giving umbilical cord Elena is growing. When we learn that Elena’s baby boy is born, we will cut off our red string as a symbol of Elena’s final transition into motherhood.


That Elena could receive a blessing from Louisa was a heartwarming rite of passage that reinforces her journey into motherhood.

In the spirit that moves in all things and all of my relations, thank-you Louisa. 

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